Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's the best mantra to connect with Babaji? - ARTICLE

I get this question A LOT.

What is the best mantra?

What is the best technique?

Is there a short cut?

Can I speed up things?

And the answer is simple:

All techniques work! All mantras will give you results!

And what works even best is to use a combination of techniques.

For instance in my own life, I use mantras, breathing techniques, raw food, dynamic yoga techniques, and much more.

This is what I feel gives me the power and the connection with this energy reality.

For instance, if you use a mantra but have a very unhealthy life style diet wise for instance, these bad eating choices do impact on your level of energy.

You can meditate a lot and still feel low because your body doesn't get the nutrients it needs.

Meditation and mantras don't replace healthy life choices.

All of these techniques and approaches complement and strengthen each other.

Many people engage in this type of path and hope that just repeating a mantra will take care of everything.

In my experience that'd not the way it works.

I feel that the mantra gives you the energy connection.

To manifest this energy in your life and mind, you take consistent action that reflect positive life choices.

The idea is not to withdraw in a permanent meditative state in which daily life no longer matters.

On the contrary, the idea is to connect with this energy and bring this inspiration in all areas of your life to regenerate and inspire you.

The mantric formula, no matter which one you use is only one of the possible techniques.

It is a starting point.

The next step is positive action.

That's where transformation flows all the way down into your life.

If you don't know where to start with positive action, observe your life and ask yourself these questions:

  • What's the quality of my life style right now?
  • Am I doing anything unhealthy?
  • What's the quality of my relationship with my partner?
  • Is there anything I should do to have a more satisfying love life?
  • What about work?
  • What about my mind and level of energy?
  • Etc.
You see, all these areas of your life want some of your attention.

If you want to manifest a state of yoga in your life, you must let this energy flow in these directions through positive life choices.

This is where physical, visible transformation happens!

You are in charge! You are the master of your life!

It is when you take conscious positive action that the mantric energy comes all the way down into existence and impacts the totality of your existence.