Saturday, January 16, 2010

How many times should I write down a calligraphy? - ARTICLE

You can write the calligraphy a few times when you feel the impulsion to do so and keep the calligraphies in your meditation room or house.

The best is to keep all calligraphies you write, without throwing them away.

In a way, the goal is really to "saturate" your mind with positive energy so that after a while you feel yourself vibrating higher and higher.

Imagine, after a while you can literally have pages and pages of written calligraphies accumulating in different spots in your house. That's what I have where I stay. It does impact on the energy of your personal space and clarifies the vibs in your house.

You can as well write the calligraphy on objects around you. If you have a necklace or bracelet you can engrave the words on them as well. You can as well engrave the words on a stone or cristal. Possibilities are simply endless.

I have for instance such calligraphies written on my bike and when I buy a new map for a future trip, I write similar calligraphies on it to give a certain direction or energy to my future travels

Can you see how it works?

These are only some examples and you are truly free to explore other possibilities. I know your instincts will guide you in the right direction.

Trust and respond to what you feel.

Hesitations and doubts don't help. They actually drain your energy. You'll learn much more by simply trying when you feel something. Dare to trust yourself and go for it.

As you have many ways of using a mantra (internally, singing it out loud, calligraphies), test all of these methods and identify what seems to work best for you.

Trust your instinct with that and dare to simply experiment.

You cannot get it wrong.

It will always work no matter how you use it.

The "spirit" behind these techniques always understands your intention.

It can easily take 1 to 3 months of regular practice to integrate a technique.

If you are unsure, ask internally for help and inner guidance from Babaji himself. Once you feel an answer, trust it and take action accordingly.