Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why materialism is a side track

It is very simple!

When you engage into wanting more and more material wealth, properties, bigger house and more luxury, you engage into a battle you cannot win.

There is always more and it is never enough.

It is like a carrot in front of your nose and you try to reach it without being able to eat it.

So, materialism is a set up.

The emotions associated with it give you short term satisfaction but leave a huge gap on a deeper level.

You try to fill this deeper need with physical objects.

No matter how much you own, it is never enough!


Because the real quality you want to feel is a state of union.

You want to feel loved!

And not just from one source!

You want to feel connected!

Gaining material wealth is your way of looking for recognition.

It is one way of feeding your ego and personality.

Now, what happens after a few years of that type of quest?

You end up lost!


Because you realize that no matter how much you gain, it is never enough.

Even temporary successes on that level can leave a huge gap when the thrill of that success is gone.


Focus from the start on what matters most: the way you walk life!

Yes! The state of mind you are in matters most than any goal you can reach!

While you head for targets with determination, you forget that all that time you generate emotions and thoughts.

All these emotions and thought generate a response and echo around you.

It is that state of mind or state of being you want to focus on now.

If you are in pain and despair because your material targets are not being reached then you totally miss the point, right?

It is like a kid being in a permanent state of tantrum!

You don't want to live life that way.

You want to function from a place of peace and balance.

Now, that state of peace does not mean that nothing is happening!

On the contrary!

Everything is happening!

Your energy level is much higher actually!

To your Yoga!