Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life is already perfect!

The only thing that could stop you from seeing that is the fact that you have targets or distant future goals.

When you do, this stops you from being in the instant and enjoying the very present moment.

Sure, goals are useful but a skill which is even more useful than that is realizing the perfection of the instant.

Now, most people will realize this perfection in a second and than set up again in the course of achieving distant goals.

This is where you can miss the point because you don't need to shift that.

You don't need to be like a horse always running forward.

This is like a survival instinct or conquering force you can tame.

You don't need to be the slave of that force.

You can relax, step back and take life for what it is:


After every single goal you achieve there is always a target after that.


Pursuing new targets is exciting and creates a stream of powerful manifestation force in your being, but the moment you get enslaved by that instinct, that's when you miss the point and the real target for your life.

You need to look at life from the perspective that everything that could be achieved and done has already been done.

From that point of view, existence takes a very different colour.

It gives you the power to relax, stand still, be at peace and enjoy every single second for what it is.

Remember that within 100 years, most of what you tried to create in your life will be gone!

All that will remain is the memory of a certain experience in your own spirit which is eternal.

This is where you find this dimension of permanency and eternity.

If you stay focused on that level, you look at life like a game.


It is a game!

This resets existence from a perspective which makes it totally real.

The usual goals are shifted and become something insignificant in the eyes of this larger scale.

The emotions and quest you go through when you engage into life from the level of physical creation are all alienating for you.

You end up trapped in a scenario where you can not win.

So, what is the answer?

What does freedom mean?

It means to shift perspective and put back what matters most in the center of your existence.


It is that simple.

The quests and conquests are all games you play if you want to, because it is fun and gives you an energy kick, but look at it from another perspective and observe what happens when you take some distance.

The total urgency, stress and life pressure are all gone.

What remains is peace and silence.

It is in that dimension of silence that a whole new reality takes place.

To your Yoga!