Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When is the right time to start teaching?

It is simple: when your own inner processes no longer require too much attention.

You can sponsor other person's spiritual evolution when you have extra energy and time to give.

That's simple, right?

Now, there are many ways you can teach. Standing in front of an audience is only one of them.

You teach by life.

You teach by expressing the power of your spirit through your actions and attitudes.

Teaching is only one out of many spiritual evolution paths you can follow.
  • You can for instance enage in artistic expression which is a long term path in itself.
  • You can focus on your own life and explore deeper levels of awareness.
  • You can focus on positive impact on humankind through compassionate action.
  • Etc.

What does it mean? that teaching is only one way to express yourself along your spiritual destiny line.

There are many more possible expressions.

Now, if you feel you reached this point of maturity and feel there is something essential you want to say, you can start right now!

Start with a little step and observe the response.

Function from a place of freedom.

You are only accountable to yourself and the line which sponsors your words.

If speach is not your favorite way of expression, don't limit yourself and use the other possible tools that were given to you.


To your Yoga!