Saturday, July 7, 2007

How much pleasure does it give you?

Imagine what happens when this becomes your most important choice making element.

The thing is that in daily life your choices might be based a lot on:
  • How much money will you make?
  • Is it practical or logical?
  • Does it give you more power?
  • Etc.

Now, imagine living with a new set of choice making questions:

  • How much pleasure does it give you?
  • Does it open space?
  • Does it increase your life force?
  • How exciting is it?
  • Etc.

All these qualities are energies you learn to master and manifest in your life.

These gifts are responses to your actions and choices!

Certain actions will generate more money or more power. Some others will give you pleasure, delight, love or excitement.

Imagine that you have the choice between spending 3 hours driving, stacked in traffic jams or relaxing on a wild beach... What do you choose?

Imagine that you can spend your Saturday afternoon, stressfully shopping for stuff you don't need or simply going for a hike and meditating on a hill top... What do you choose?

Imagine that your choices are no longer rational but more excitement based.

When you connect with Mataji's energy and her shakti power, you might naturally shift to a more "pleasure and delight" oriented life approach.

Imagine what happens when you make choices based on how thrilled you are rather than on how practical it is.

I am sure that you already practice most of it.

Mataji simply gives you an extra reason to make delight, beauty and thrill choices rather than rational or practical ones.


If fun and delight are not part of your life right now, it's definitely a skill you can practice.

One word! Try it out!

To your Yoga!