Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why you need extra power when you wake up your universal identity

Waking up your universal identity is like connecting with a new source of energy.

When you do that, you need as well extra power to strengthen your body and mind.

Imagine a stream of energy flowing through your being.

Increase that energy and the system might not be able to take it.

Now, your system is not only your body/mind/spirit.

It is as well the sum of all connections you have with your environment like friends, family, work.

When you manifest a new level of energy, people respond to it in a very instinctual way!

Now, what is their emotional response?

How do you respond when you see extra money or energy?

You want to own it, right?

You want to control it.

This is why just working with love is not enough.

People are competing with each other all the time for energy.

It just happens.

If you want to increase your level of inner energy, you need as well a complete system which is able to take it.

More on that coming soon :)

Take care