Saturday, June 16, 2007

What is the force sustaining a spiritual system?

What is the force sustaining a cloud of birds?

We tend to think of intelligences as human like forms.

But intelligences and spiritual forces are much more complex than that.

When we function with our thoughts, there is only so much our minds can comprehend.

If you try to reduce a formless spiritual force to something you can comprehend, you will usually reduce it and simplify it immensely.

It is like an ant sitting in front of a skyscraper.

Our thinking system is limited!

The rational and conceptual tools we use cannot comprehend realities which are much vaster than ourselves.

Now, let's still give it a try, ok?

A city has its own sponsoring spirit, identity and intelligence.

This intelligence is the sum of everything happening in that city.

Now, there is what we can see with our physical eyes. What we can measure.

Then, there is the invisible which is probably millions of time vaster and more compex than what we can conceive.

Think of a simple concept like synchronicity.

Our usual rational models don't explain it. We need to step into more intuitive perceptions to kind of grasp it.

So, the force sustaining a spiritual system is much vaster than ourselves.

You can call it an angelic intelligence.

But please, think beyond the person like angel with wings! :)

You can talk for instance about the spirit of yoga or the spirit of suffism.

There are intelligences at play which are not human like!

That's the first key point to realize.

These intelligences are watching over you right now.



PS: if you can't or don't want to embrace these ideas, it's no problem. Simply move on and search for your own set of beliefs.

This is just one perspective. It is not a doctrine or a truth, simply an expression of my own experience. These ideas are written down because I believe they might help some of you.