Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What about desires and unbalance?

Of course, unbalance is another form of equilibrium that pushes you forward.

Desires are emotional forces which push you forward.

They are positive forces if you decide to see them that way.

They are part of creation. They are part of your mind and emotions.

Even a state of non desire is probably the result of a desire to be in that state.

So... The whole duality can be dropped now because there is only unity.

Unbalance functions in the same way.

Unbalance forces you to shift your mind posture to connect with new qualities.

Desires are still within this field of perfection because everything you know is included in it.

Now, it does not mean that you must stay passive and not change anything.

Your will power and conquering drive are lines of power within a much vaster stream of manifestation.

Your desire and will power is one flame within a vast planetary field of manifestation.

The power that you express is never disconnected.

It is always linked with a sponsoring energy which is vaster than yourself.

This is why there is nothing to be ashamed about.

Your desires and emotions are part of the story, not some mistake from creation.

The flame that you express is one amongst millions of burning flames stimulated by the same source of inspiration.

This is why you can embrace the forces that trigger your mind rather than rejecting or trying to suppress them.

They are part of the story... Your story!

To your Yoga!