Monday, June 25, 2007

Tame your kundalini!

Human over nature or rather human over instincts.

The goal is to master your instincts not to be enslaved by them.

This is why your spiritual power grows step by step: because you need to master the forces you wake up.

If these forces were unleashed all at once, you would not have the power to master them.

Kundalini is a reflection of your animal nature, the fire of the dragon, snake or lion.

All these are representations of the same force.

When this energy wakes up, the goal is to tame that force and direct it in a constructive way.

How do you tame your kundalini?

You give her directions like postures, moves, mantras, mind sets, etc.

The goal of any yogic practice is to structure your personal vehicle so that your being is harmonized and vibrating to its full potential.

When you practice an asana (yogic posture) that's an instruction you give to your life force.

When you sing a mantra, embrace a value or take conscious synchronized action, you are always instructing your life force and giving it form and purpose.

That's how you tame your Kundalini.

By giving her direction and positioning yourself as its master.

By the way, taming is very different than controlling...

Taming is creating this synergized partnership with a force of nature.

Imagine riding a horse.

You can tame it while stimulating its power and wilderness and without actually limiting it.

You simply give it a channel of expression.

Sometimes, you'll allow the horse to lead you as well. You might sit and trust its instinct and its power.

Partner with these forces in an effective way so that what you create is a synergized play of energies.

You can as well see yourself as surfing the waves of this energy. Waves are energy. You use that force and play with it.

With kundalini, it is the same: you partner with its power and give it direction.

Might go deeper into that in another post. :)

To your Yoga!