Friday, June 29, 2007

Stretch the limits of Yoga

When you connect with Mataji, you realize that what you call Yoga can include lots of lines of energy and actions which are usually not considered as Yoga.

To tell you the truth, if the word Yoga itself does not resonate in you, you can call it tantra or anything else you want.

The spirit is formless.

We give it names and by doing so, we tend as well to reduce it to something we can comprehend.

Imagine Mataji's spirit as formless and limitless.

See it as an energy field rather than a physical person.

See this energy field as a vehicle which translates absolute energy into streams which are closer to the form.

The reason Mataji can help you is because there is a mind dimension to her being.

The guidance can feel more directive and closer to you to a certain extent.

In your spiritual evolution, you are often looking for a path or a system which shows you how to manifest what you feel.

At the same time, you don't want to limit yourself within a structure which is limiting or too rigid.

This is exactly where Mataji can help you.

Especially if you searched along the traditional lines of expression and could not really connect with them.

Her force frees your mind and gives you space to be yourself.

She sponsors and empowers your being without reducing it.

You stay in charge and simply feel her energy watching over your actions and offering you clear guidance when needed.

She will as well stimulate your inspiration and imagination if you don't know where to start.

To your Yoga!