Monday, June 25, 2007

Raja Yoga

Raja yoga is the art of mastering your mind.

Raja means fire.

It means as well royal.

In your mind you have "mind objects" like thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Your mind is your territory and the art of Raja is the art of mastering all of that.

An emotion is simply a wave on the surface of your mind.

It is not your deep nature.

It does not belong to you.

It comes and goes.

When you focus your mind via a meditation technique, you create a harmonized stream which naturally generates a positive flow of thoughts and emotions.

It is like jumping into a river where any wave is a "positive wave".

You don't target the wave itself, you target first the river you swim in.

With some practice, this flow of yogic energy transforms your mind, clears negative thoughts and feelings and strengthens your mind channels.

This is the renewal of your mind.

It is a transformation process through which your mind becomes clear and powerful.

When you see an emotion like sadness or worry in your mind, you can either embrace it and nurture it of you can kick it out of your mind with power.

In other terms, you fight!

You defend your territory and make sure that whatever happens in your mind matches what you want.

Yes! What you want!

Your will is not an orphan disconnected will.

Your will is linked with a vast stream of manifestation.

It is a flame within a vaster fire.

Your fighting power and determination are tools you can use positively.

Your mind is your territory and it is your task to educate it so that it functions at its best.

You are in charge!

You are the designer and the architect of what happens in it.

You make choices, and select the ingredients you want to manifest.

Now, you can do all that by analyzing and choosing thought by thought and emotion by emotion or you can simply connect with a stream of energy which does all that naturally for you.

That's what you do with a raja yoga technique!

You are the master of your mind!

You are the designer!

You are the architect!

To your Yoga!