Saturday, June 16, 2007



After returning to his home-star Venus, Sanat
Kumara made the announcement of his offer to His
people. Inspired by His example of selfless love,
30 priests [in other dictations this number was
given as 100] from the planet Venus offered to
precede him to prepare a place for him. They
imprinted into their memory the City of Shamballa
on Venus, which was to serve as a model for Sanat
Kumara's home on Earth. Then they bade goodbye to
their families, their home, and their planet, and
stood before the Lords of Karma of the Earth. This
great Council accepted the offer of the volunteers
with great gratitude.

There were no special privileges accorded to these
priests. They were bound to the laws of the Earth,
including the wheel of reembodiment, and each one
was to understand that he had to share Sanat
Kumara`s destiny, namely, none would be released
until the hour came when the Earths own Light was
sufficient to meet the demand of Cosmic Law. They
were not granted the privilege of consecutive
consciousness, and had to submit to the "Bands of
Forgetfulness," an act of mercy which applies to
all unascended lifestreams of the Earth. Were it
not for this act of mercy, mankind would be
troubled with the memory of thousands of
embodiments, which according to the Masters, would
give us too much to handle at one time. Therefore,
all that was left of the memory of Venus was the
imprint on their etheric bodies of the picture of
Shamballa as it existed on Venus, or the
promptings of their hearts. There was to be no
Master showing them the way on Earth, and no other
outer assistance given.

When the priests awoke in infant form they looked
the same as any other individual on Earth at that
time. They were born in different countries; some
were born in North America.

After they reached adulthood, the former priests
of Venus followed their heart`s promptings,
causing some to leave their families. A part of
those living in the area today called the United
States gathered near what is now New York City.
They had one thing in common, an inner memory of a
shining city. They crossed several great seas and
continents. Some of the former priests finally
gathered on the mainland, close to the Gobi Sea, a
large body of water which is now the Gobi Desert.
Many had had a wearisome journey, but a burning
desire lighted their way, and let them remember
their purpose sufficiently to find their pilgrim
brothers. After arriving upon the shores of the
Gobi Sea, the strongest among them brought forth a
vision of their purpose, and it was confirmed in
the hearts of the others. Thus started the
preparation of what is known as "the building of