Saturday, June 23, 2007

Multiply your freeing power - Try this technique!

If you want to free yourself from negative emotions, you need to increase your level of power.

It is simple: you want to destroy the emotions and mind sets you no longer need.

Imagine the power of a mountain river rushing through the valley.

That's power, right?

Here is a word/mantra you can use to create the same effect in your mind:

Dariman Babaji

Renewal/Transformation/Change/Destruction - Babaji


If you prefer using the word dariman by itself here is the calligraphy




experiment with both options and choose the one that suits you best.

Now you have to look at this idea from a positive perspective.

The force you are invoking is the power to remove what you no longer need in your mind and life.

This is what freeing is about, right?

Remember that this force is intelligent. It goes where it is needed the most. Trust it

If you feel that there are forces at play holding you back, take a martial art position and utter this word a few times with power.

Use your will power and determination. Imagine that you have an obstacle in front of you that you would like to destroy.

That's it!

To your Yoga!