Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kundalini and freedom!

When you wake up your universal identity, it is essential that your channels of energy stay clear.

Waking up your energy expands your being, but to stay clear you as well need to increase your inner power and the clarity of your inner channels.

Breathing techniques, singing, dancing, postures all clear up your inner channels and make sure that your life force flows harmoniously.

You want to stay in a state of inner freedom rather than having your mind and body cluttered with undigested emotions and energies.

Most of this happens naturally through conscious positive life style choices.

Every action you take has an impact.

If you sing a power word, you invoke the energy behind that word and it naturally flows through your being and impacts right where it is needed the most.

The energy you invoke is intelligent.

It naturally does what it is supposed to.

Every now and then, you give nature a little help by consciously participating in your energizing process.

You will breathe a little deeper or a little faster to stimulate the flow of life force in your body.

In my mind, life force, kundalini and energy are all synonyms.

I don't really separate these concepts.

This simplifies things.

You are in a state of freedom when life force flows freely through your being.

If you feel undigested emotions in you, these tend to stay stacked in your system until you invoke or use a power strong enough to clear them.

When your level of power is high, this means that your energy channels are strong.

In that case, negative emotions and thoughts simply stay naturally out of your system.

They are cleared before they even touch you.

The higher your level of inner power, the freer you feel.

To your Yoga!