Saturday, June 16, 2007

How to wake up your universal identity

It's pretty simple actually!

Anything that divides you or separates you strengthens your individual identity.

Anything that unites you strengthens your universal identity.

Feeling your universal identity means feeling connected, united with the rest of the world and the cosmos.

So, if you want to wake up that aspect of your being, engage into actions, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes which link you to the rest of humankind and the planet.

These are compassionate directions.

Compassion means suffering with

passion=patir (in ancient greek) =suffering

Now, it doesn't have to be suffering.

You can link with joy, celebration, thoughts, feelings and especially love.

Taking action to connect with the rest of humankind links you.

The reason you do it is because you feel you are one with it.

Try it out!

Make a test and follow a line of helping others for a week and check how you feel after that!

You will feel vulnerable on a certain level, and will as well feel a sense of "inner light" and bliss.

This inner sensation is the emotional reflection of this awakening of your universal identity.

It's like activating a certain part of your being. You get a certain direct result by doing it.

It is literally like mathematics or chemistry.

You put together a certain set of actions and you get an inner result within no time.

Now, taking action in an effective way is the next big challenge!!!

We'll cover that one in another post

Take care