Sunday, June 17, 2007

How to manifest a state of yoga

Yoga means unity.

When you are in a state of unity you manifest your universal identity.

You function from a place where there is no separation between you and the cosmos, the planet, nature and humankind.

You know that we do live in a field of unified consciousness, right?

You experienced it in many ways.

Now, the goal of yoga is to experience that field all the time.

It is to be in a state of mystical union every single minute.

Now, the effects of this state of unity are so powerful that they transform your mind and body forever.

How to manifest a state of yoga?

The first step is to really understand what you want to do.

Once you have understanding, you need to connect with a stream of power and inspiration that will take you there.

It is like swimming in a river that takes you to the sea

Yoga is an invisible system.

No one fully owns it.

It is anywhere you are, not just in an Himalayan cave.

How does Babaji help you with this?

Well it is like getting the help and sponsorship from someone who travelled that path before.

Now, imagine connecting with a being who lives in a state of unity.

The first challenge you might face is to be able to relate to Babaji in a way which matches what he has to offer.

Imagine that you are standing in front of a semi god or avatar right where you are now.

Are you sure that trying to get his email address or physical address is the way to go?

You might try to relate to that being as if he was a person:
  • What does he eat?
  • What is his real name?
  • How can I meet him physically?
  • How old is he?
  • Where was he born?
  • Etc.

Now, these questions usually stay unanswered.

The questions that do get answered have nothing to do with Babaji's personality.

They have to do with your own spiritual development.

If you feel limited in the way you perceive Babaji's being, expand your imagination and realize that you are relating to an omnipresent energy reality.

This is as well called a guru field.

Guru means light.

Now, this energy field does respond to your emotions and intentions.

This energy field sees through you.

You might believe that because you relate to that energy field, you need to give up your power and destroy your personality?

Not at all!

You need your personality as a worldly vehicle.

You need to keep on functioning on this planet.

All these are key ideas to help you along the path.

The next step is to ask for help.

It is very simple:

This energy field can't connect with you unless you want to.

Simply express your call in one way or another:

  • "I am ready"
  • "Can you guide me?"
  • "I need your help"
  • Or any other expression of your desire to connect with that energy reality.

That's it :)

It's not so much the words, it is the intention.

Realize that you are communicating with a field of intelligence which is much vaster than yourself and much vaster than a person.

Now, you probably won't see the sky opening up or a voice talking to you (even though this could happen as well... Maybe :))

The guidance and inspiration you might receive is usually much more subtle.

Here are some examples of what can happen:

  • There is no clear answer but the following day you feel inspired to do something.
  • This action might look insignificant but it is one small step in the right direction.
  • Or you might have a sudden realization two days later.
  • Or you suddenly feel a strong stream of bliss.
  • Or you feel nothing at all.
  • Etc.

These are only some examples of course.

The range of experiences you can have are so diverse.

It is impossible to even attempt to describe them all.

The next step is to respond to this inspiration and actually take action.

Now, taking action can often feel like a small risk.

You don't really know what you are responding to.

It simply feels right.

To take action you need to trust yourself, trust your instinct and trust your source of inspiration.

As you can see, the whole process of manifesting a state of Yoga has its own inner dynamic.

While none of this is fixed and crystallized, you will still recognize some form of coherence behind the inspiration that touches you.

It all makes total sense once you start taking action in that direction.

Now, this "trust" dimension is essential.

Nothing happens unless you fully trust this field of energy and respond to it.

This field of energy can't inspire you unless you ask for help and guidance.

It might be just a one time question or call.

Or it might be a call you renew every day through meditation for instance.

This energy reality simply responds accordingly.

You are free!

Now, this is not exclusive.

The fact that you relate to this specific line of evolution does not mean that you have to cut contact with everything else.

It is not exclusive.

You are free!

That's it for today

Enjoy! ok?


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