Saturday, June 30, 2007

Freedom to be yourself

Two key useless emotions are guilt and shame.

In 99% of the situations where these emotions are expressed, they don't help you or anyone else.

Why is that? Because guilt for instance has a very specific purpose: reorient an action that should not be there.

It can be a thought or an emotion as well.

Now expressing an unjustified feeling of guilt creates a blockage of energy which divides your mind.

It is like creating a mini internal battle with yourself.

In the spiritual development field, a lot of guilt surrounds emotions like sexual desires, pleasures of any form, passion and other fiery emotions, determination, will power, etc.

The list goes on and on.

These emotions or actions are usually labelled as an expression of the ego or sexual nature.

Now, imagine what happens when instead of wasting your energy fighting these emotions, you actually embrace them, tame and use them as any other form of energy in you.

At that stage you might need a bit of help and support to understand how to exactly do that.

It is simple, you no longer want your mind to be divided.

You want to feel complete, mastering all aspects of your being.

This means unleashing your inner power and embracing fully who you are.

Your ego and instinctual nature are part of you.

No need to be ashamed of their presence.

Use them and master them.

This is a vast open avenue of new possibilities

I am aware that this is a reality you might already embrace.

If it is the case, ask yourself:

  • How much undigested guilt or shame are still left in you?

  • Do these emotions play a constructive role in your mind or are they simply holding you back?

  • What would happen if they were cleared forever and replaced by a free flowing power feeling of trust, joy and energy?

One advice: free yourself and get rid of what holds you back.

Live in freedom!!!

To your Freedom!

To your Yoga!