Saturday, June 16, 2007

Do you need a spiritual system?

You always use one, even when you feel you don't.

You are always in touch with some form of inspiration stimulating your actions.

In-spiration = taking the spirit in.

Any time you feel inspired you take a certain spirit in.

This force sponsoring your actions might appear vague and formless, it is still intelligent and structured in its own way.

You will notice that it is not just any action you want to take, it is something quite specific.

If you go to the other end of spiritual systems and look now at very structured traditions, the guidelines for your own spiritual evolution are clearly defined.

So, you have two types of systems (and all the variations in between):

Formless = Internal = Arupa (simply means formless in Sanskrit)

Formed and structured = Rupa (means manifested or "with form" in Sanskrit)

It's essential to understand this because you need to know that you are never alone with the steps you take.

A force is always present sponsoring your actions.

You function within a system.

Even a person who feels they have no system and total freedom still function with a certain set of ideas and beliefs which is still a certain spirit.

There isn't an action you can take which isn't contained within a certain spiritual system.

Now these systems can be totally formless and appear totally free.

They might have absolutely no writing or scripture relating to them.

You might even feel that you are the only person on the planet following that specific stream.

Still, you are connected all the time and never alone.

Good news, right? :)

Next question: what is the energy sustaining a spiritual system?

take care