Sunday, May 27, 2007

What is meditation?

Meditation is an activity and mind state.

What happens in the meditative state?

Meditation is a mind state in which you use your mind in a very specific way.

The goal is to enter into a new state of awareness in which the natural thinking patterns tend to slow down or even disappear.

The thinking activity tends to be replaced by a meditative trance in which new dimensions of awareness are being expanded.

You connect with some form of unified consciousness.

The technique you use and your intention will influence the result of your meditation.

There are various forms of intelligences on this planet and the single individual mind is only one of them.

You heard about the concept of collective consciousness which is a sea of unified intelligence which contains all human intelligences.

There are many forms of invisible intelligences at play. Devas, Spirits, Angels or Gods are some terms which express some of these invisible intelligences. Some can be seen as infinitely vast and far beyond human development and some others can be seen as being under the human development level like Elementals (like fairies).

When you meditate, you open new bridges of consciousness. You wake up new mind potentials.

The science of mediation has been on the planet for very long. It wakes up certain natural abilities that you tend to forget about when you follow up on your daily activities.

If you never consciously tried to meditate, you probably still experienced some form of meditative trance at one point or another in your life.

For instance, if one day, looking at the sea, you felt suddenly extremely happy, this experience can be related with a meditative type of trance or bliss.

So, meditation is something which happens naturally.

Sometimes you catch yourself day dreaming and after a few minutes, you realize that you don't really know what happened in that time.

You were still doing things but somehow, something took over and you lost awareness of what you were doing. You were fully focused on the stream of your thoughts, inner vision, or emotions.

You can sometimes observe a cat in some form of intense peace. There is no movement. In a way, this is a similar type of "meditative" trance.

All these minor aspects of human and animal experiences are the signs that our mind can be in various states of awareness.

Is this meditation? Well, not exactly.

These states of trance we just described (day dreaming and peace of the cat) are spontaneous.

They don't lead to expanded awareness but might generate some form of peace or break through idea.

Meditation goes deeper than.

With meditation, you try to consciously connect with some form of unified mind.

A meditation technique usually connects you with a new energy reality. You enter in contact or connect with a deeper part of your consciousness.

Have you ever had this impression that behind what you see, there is a network of energies which directs actions and events around you?

There is the reality that you see with your physical eyes and then, there is another reality which you perceive with your "inner eye".

What is this invisible reality?

It is the world of the mind.

Your mind is connected to your brain and physical body. Now, your mind is much vaster than what you see. There are layers and layers of awareness that you never open.

The goal of meditation is to explore these deeper layers of awareness.

Your mind is made of frames. You have millions of thoughts and emotions in your past which created highways of energies in you.

This is your mind. It is your mind set. It is like a forest of energies in which you opened certain path ways.

Now, your mind is not at the end of its development.

Suppose you go exploring the world and reach new territories (for instance a new unexplored continent).

What you want at that moment is to connect with a guiding force which will help you explore this new land.

This is what you do when you start meditating:

You step into this new unexplored area of your mind and observe the thoughts, plans, emotions and awareness that you encounter.

It is truly like exploring a new land.

What is this new land?

It is deeper layers of the unified mind.

If you follow an existing stream of consciousness by connecting with a specific master or tradition, you will connect with a given energy reality.

When you are born, your parents instruct you and transmit you a mind set through education.

You reproduce as well many patterns through mimetism.

You tend to imitate subconsciously your parent's behaviors and beliefs.

The same happens when you explore deeper layers of your mind. You use a sacred formula, or another technique to connect with a specific energy reality.

Basically, you "tune" into a new mind.

Suppose you go online on the internet. All you need is a website address to connect you with a whole world of intelligence and knowledge.

This web address is your connection. It is your key. Without it you could not enter, right?

A meditation technique works in the same way. The goal is to connect with a new energy reality.

Your mantra or technique is your guiding force.

It is a key.

It is a "consciousness address".

This technique gives you a path.