Sunday, May 27, 2007

The ultimate goal is not to follow a siddha, it is to be one

The ultimate goal is not to follow a siddha, it is to be one

"The ultimate goal is not to follow a siddha, it is to be one"

What's a siddha?

It is a perfected being.

The good news is that you don't need to move to a Himalayan cave to become one.

There is always this natural tendency to localize or reduce to a smaller expression something which is total and absolute.

Feeling total and complete as a human being does not belong to a stream or a tradition.

It is universal.

It is time to go beyond an ethnic connotation and express the full dimension of what is behind the idea of siddha.

You are a siddha. You are a perfected being.

Even if you might not yet know it or express it fully, this is your real potential

It is time to grow to your true potential and there is no need to surrender your power or limit your mind to become one.

Your potential is infinite and while some ideas and being might help you along the way, you are the center of attention.

It's in you that all this happens.

So, what's the goal? Personal glory?

Depends on what you feel is behind the word glory.

Glorification feels like a nice place to head to.

If you think of personal glory as a way of rising above others, well... You know what I mean.

The ultimate goal is the long term evolution of humankind and the planet.

The goal is to empower humankind as a whole.

Personal and universal freedom.

Perfect attunement with the forces of the planet and the cosmos.

Can you see where all this takes you? takes us?

Of course, when you think of your daily life, all this might sound far fetched.

You might have other priorities right now.

This is fine.

Success is not what people say it is.

You can redefine it in your own way.

Reducing success to some form of material or money race is a pitty because it is alienating.

At the end, it's never enough.

It can be of course part of the story but what you want is to have your priorities clear. Very clear!

If you don't know what a siddha is, here is a good place to start:

Remember, this is not about giving your power away.

You are master of your life and you are the designer.

You don't have to reinvent the full wheel though.

Sometimes, a little help can take you a long way.

Smile big!