Sunday, May 27, 2007

Meditating without a technique

Meditating without a technique

Meditating without technique is still a technique in itself.

Suppose you decide to sit down and do nothing.

This doing nothing is still some form of direction.

Even if you decide to be 100% passive, you are still being passive which is still a state of mind and a direction your give yourself.

There is always a source of inspiration behind your actions.

Sometimes you can see and recognize that source. Sometimes not.

You might go for a walk for instance and suddenly wake up to a new idea for a future project.

This idea seems to come out of nowhere.

Is there some form of angel or spirit which whispered this idea in your ear?

This is a nice romantic vision.

It could of course be the case but in most situations, ideas simply rise in your mind in a very "organic" way.

An idea is a path of action. It is a thought. It is a mind frame. It is a vision.

You can see it as a branch in the tree of your mind.

How does a branch grow?

It is the result of an interaction between an intelligent life force and matter.

Intelligence incarnates into matter in an organic way.

You are incarnated in a body.

Your ideas and thoughts simply grow in an organic way.

Sometimes though, you can direct the development of nature.

You can stimulate certain species.

You can wake up new seeds.

You can water or nurture a specific area of your mind.This is what you do with meditation.

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