Sunday, May 27, 2007

Love and power

Love and power

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When you try to meditate, you can sometimes feel this sense of unification with the planet, nature and the rest of humankind.

This is the opening of your sense of universal love.
At the same time, you need to keep on functioning as a human being and maintain your individual identity.

Your sense of ego won't disappear.

It is okay to "want", to maintain material wealth and to go on with the course of your life.
3000 years ago, when yogis were practicing meditation, they could isolate themselves in a Himalayan cave.

When you meditate today, the situation is different.

You might live in a city and have one (or two!) full time jobs.

The cycle of your daily life is very active.

You want to keep your two feet on the ground and be able to function in the world you live in.

For this, you need extra power.

You want to maintain your body and maintain your ego.

Your sense of desire, needs and wants do not disappear.

What does shift is the way you perceive all that.

Your activity keeps on going but you master it rather than being a victim of it.

Suppose you are a woman and you fall in love.

The usual course of action is to feel your mind totally taken over by this emotion.

Usually, if the man does not respond to your love, you will feel quite distressed and it will take you a while to get your full power back.

Once you start meditating and wake up your universal identity, you can actually stand in the same situation in a very different way:

you go with the flow of your desires and enjoy it fully.

However, the moment you feel love ache appearing, you are able to step back and get your full power back in an instant.

In fact, you learn to master the flow of your emotions and desires.

The goal is not to suppress life, pleasures and desires.

The goal is to stay over it, master the streams of your emotions and play with the waves of it.

Can you see how it works?

You can enjoy the full dimension of your existence.

You can play with everything which lives in you and strengthen your connection with Babaji at the same time.

You are free of course.

If you feel like you no longer need what you were craving for before, simply go with the flow.

All doors are open.

You decide where you want to go.

You are the master of your life.

This extra quality of power you bring into your life is essential because it allows you to protect your mind space.

Your mind space contains your new channels of life force.

You are master of your inner space and you want to own that territory.

This is why power gives you extra control and protection over what happens in your life.

Life force is precious.

When you wake it up in you, many forces suddenly want to control it for you.

Your goal is to wake up you "warrior skill" and stay in charge of your life.

No one but you is in control of your existence.

Don't delegate your authority. Don't let others boss you around.

Express your love and your power at the same time and make sure you maintain healthy boundaries with those around you.

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