Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life force

Can I ask you a few questions?

  • What does the expression "life force" mean to you?

  • If you wanted to get more life force, what would you do?

  • Where would you find it?

  • How would an increase of life force impact on your life?

  • Would it make you more happy?

  • How would others feel about it?

Life force is
a concept which exists in all spiritual

It is
Shekinah for the Jews. It is Shakti in India. It
is the Holly Spirit for the Christians. In Arabic,
I heard the term Sakina (I would need to confirm
that one)

Anyway, here is how you write this term Shakti in Sanskrit:


Life force

If you want to connect with your life force
and don't know where to start, here are 2
simple techniques:

  • Focus on your breathing. Your
    breathing is the most direct connection to
    your life force. Symbolically, when your
    breathe, you connect with a "universal"
    air. It's like connecting with an infinite
    source of energy. We do that all the time
    naturally of course. We simply tend to
    forget that it's there: a gift

  • Write this calligraphy in Sanskrit:

Words are powerful. Magic essences.

Calligraphies are direct way of invoking energies in us.

When you write the term Shakti, you are actually invoking that reality in you.

Why use Sanskrit? We'll come to that another day.