Sunday, May 27, 2007



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Initiations can happen in many ways and many forms.

Sometimes, you get a sudden revelation or deep understanding.

You feel like your mind did just break through.

You feel an openness and relief. It is like penetrating a temple and suddenly opening up to a new reality.

Any new experience in life can be seen as an initiation.

The first time you see the ocean might feel like an initiation.

What about the first time you take a plane, or the first time you taste a glass of wine?

These are worldly experiences which welcome you into a new reality or mind set.

On the spiritual level, initiations can be transmitted in dozen of ways.

Energy streams are alive beyond people and boundaries. They follow their own path of expansion.

No one has all the answers.

The path of human evolution is always open and moving forward.

Every time a new drop of life force manifests itself, it is a new initiation for the planet and humankind. Some steps are big. Some are small.

Each one of these steps has its own value.

A new initiation is the awakening of a new connection in your being. It is the waking up of a new life force.

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